Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sequences not allowed here

OK, this was just annoying, but since I couldn't find anything on the web when I looked, here's what my problem was:

I was modifying some hibernate code to use the SequenceStyleGenerator annotation, so it will work cross-DB. I'd initially developed using MySQL, and had a MySQL hibernate dialect specified in my config files. I exported the schema to an Oracle XE instance using hbm2ddl in Eclipse, and started using an Oracle driver in my datasource.

Every time I tried to insert anything, I got an oracle error - Sequence not allowed here. Ultimately, just removing the dialect entirely from the config files worked, since Hibernate can auto-detect the dialect most of the time.

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  1. Update: The way Hibernate detects the dialect is from the datasource. If the datasource doesn't get properly defined (maybe there's no DB behind it) then you will probably see errors in the logs like 'could not detect dialect'